Tree Services in Westchester NY: Tree, Family, and Home Care

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Tree Services in Westchester NY: Tree, Family, and Home Care

Beautiful green trees do not only improve the look of your landscape, they also clean the air, give shadow, and keep your outer space fresh. Thus, it is truly important that you give proper care by hiring the best tree services in Westchester NY.

LG Tree Services Corp. has been delivering excellent tree care, landscaping, and construction services for almost two decades. And we always do our best to fulfill our clients’ needs in Westchester and Putnam County.Tree Services in Westchester NY: Tree, Family, and Home Care

Our skilled and highly trained arborists will be your best allies to achieve the landscape you have always envisioned; so, don’t hesitate to contact us for every tree need or inquiry that you are having right now.

Our tree services in Westchester NY include:

  • Tree trimming
  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding.

We invite you to continue reading, so you get to know more about our services!

Tree Trimming: Science and Art

The three main reasons why you need LG Tree Services Corp. for tree trimming are: aesthetics, health, and safety


Your tree can grow more than it is needed, looking messy and without shape. But don’t worry since our highly skilled and talented arborists can make your tree to look amazing at all time.


Does your tree have dead branches? Do you think your tree can be infected by a leaf disease? Sometimes, it is possible control some diseases and improve the health of your tree by strategically pruning affected branches. Our personnel are experts, and they will inspect your tree and perform the best trimming techniques, so your tree can stay healthy.


Dead or broken branches can be dangerous. If you live in a windy or rainy region, those dead branches can fall off at any time, and they can cause damage to your loved ones and your property. If that is your case, make sure to get in contact with LG Tree Services Corp., so, we can take care of your tree immediately. We are a tree company that is known for delivering the best tree services in Westchester NY.

Another sign that your tree needs trimming is roof invasion. If a tree is growing without control, its branches can get above your roof. Due to all debris trees produce, they can cause damages to your roof and gutters in the long-run. And of course, you don’t want that to happen. So, it is a great idea to get local trimming services on a regular basis.

The last reason to trim your tree, perhaps the one that will require high priority, is when your tree begins to grow too close to power lines.

Here at LG Tree Services Corp, we advise you to keep an eye over your tree to protect your loved ones and to avoid costly damages to your roof, utility lines, and your property in general. In case that you need expert help, you can get the best tree services in Westchester NY from us.

Now let’s discuss why tree trimming is considered a science as well as art.


You should never leave your tree on inexperienced hands. The reason is that rookie arborists can trim your tree incorrectly, causing serious damage to your beloved plant.

But here at LG Tree Services Corp., we have an excellent understanding of your tree biology. Also, thanks to our vast experience and our constant learning and staff training, we are able to recognize all the flaws in your tree. Then, we proceed to eliminate all these defects, without causing damage or frustrating your tree growth.


art-treeThat is right! Tree trimming is an art. Our personnel are highly skilled but above all talented since they can remove all dead branches, while giving your tree a nice shape and neat look. So, indeed, having a healthy and perfectly shaped tree will make your yard appear green and amazing every day.

It is important that you only hire tree companies that know the art and science of trimming. If you give us a vote of trust, we can guarantee that you will get the best tree services in Westchester NY.

Is There Any Ideal Time for Tree Pruning?

As we told you earlier, tree trimming is a science. And of course, there is a right time to perform tree trimming.

The best time to prune your tree is during its dormant stage. This is the period when the tree’s growth is stopped. So, this inactivity provides excellent conditions for pruning. After a couple of months, your tree will begin to grow and produce new leaves and branches.

Most of trees enter their “sleeping” stage between fall and winter. You must make sure to trim your tree before the new growth has started. Otherwise, you will inhibit the normal grow and bloom of your plant.

Here at LG Tree Services Corp., we do know the art and science of tree trimming. So, we do it at the right time and in the right way!

What Benefits Do I Get from Trimming my Tree?

The following are great things tree trimming does for your tree:

  • Improves the health of your tree
  • Eliminates dead and broken branches, which are ugly and can be highly dangerous
  • Makes your tree more resistant to diseases and pests

Now moving on, we will talk about tree removal, which is an important part of our tree services in Westchester NY.

Tree Removal: When Do I Really Need It?

Tree RemovalThis, without doubt, is a tough decision that many homeowners have faced. Your tree is not only part of the landscape view, it is also part of your family. You may have hugged it at least once, enjoyed of its shadow a lot of times, and maybe kissed someone under its embrace. We never know all the countless experiences you might have had with your tree or nearby it. Thus, removing it from your property can be a hard choice to make.

But take a careful look at the scenarios when keeping your tree, unfortunately, is not an option.

Dead Trees

Dead Trees

These don’t only degrade the look of your landscape, but also, they can spread contagious diseases to healthy trees. Some dead trees might present yellow patches, host insects and pests, and be the carrier of some diseases. Therefore, it is crucial that you remove that dead tree on time before it can affect the rest of your trees.

Dead trees are also unstable since their roots will eventually begin to rot. And when this happens, it is more likely that after a storm or high winds, the tree might fall. That is why is really important that you get the best tree services in Westchester NY to ensure that everything in your home or business premises is alright.

Next to Your Foundation

As you might know, it is a bad idea to plant trees near your home’s foundations. Trees will grow very fast, and their roots can damage your foundation. So, if you notice that your home base is cracking due to the roots of your tree, you must reach to the best local tree company for help.

Leaning Tree

Did you notice abnormal leaning of your tree? Is it leaning more every passing day? If the answer is yes for these questions, you have to hurry. Your tree can be leaning towards your home, driveway, patio, or pool. At the end, the direction does not matter since it always means a threat for every person living in your house or business premises. Thus, we advise you not to ignore this huge red flag and get professional help ASAP. Luckily, here at LG Tree Services Corp., we have you covered. We are proud to say that we offer the best tree services in Westchester NY, and tree cutting is also part of our specialty.

What Other Tree Services in Westchester NY Do We Offer?

Stump Grinding

Tree stumps can ruin the sight of your landscape. But that is not all. They can attract termites and other pests, which is dangerous for your home. Also, you are at risk of trip on or have accidents because of the tree stump.

DoStump Grindingn’t wait more and get rid of those unappealing tree stumps by calling our specialists at LG Tree Services Corp. We have the right equipment to deliver the most efficient and affordable stump grinding services.

You must cover your trees’ particular needs in order for them to be healthy and beautiful every day. Therefore, our mission is to make sure that your trees obtain proper care and maintenance.

As a company, we have provided our service to residential and commercial clients. So, whenever you need tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, or other tree services in Westchester NY, do not hesitate to get in contact with our specialists at LG Tree Services Corp

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