Tree Removal in Westchester NY

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Tree Removal in Westchester NY

The trees in our landscape are often faced with a series of elements such as high winds, rain, and storms which results in damaged or dead trees. If any tree in your yard is in need to be removed, you can always depend on LG Tree Services. We pride in offering the best tree removal in Westchester NY.

When our arborists arrive on site we run a full inspection to determine whether ot not your tree can be saved and if there is no solution, we proceed to removing the tree from the premise with top of the line machinery and equipment. All tree removal in Westchester County NY performed by us, is done in the safest method and most effective protocol.

With other tree service companies, the tree removal cost is extremely high but with LG Tree Service Corp you obtain quality results at affordable rates.  You ought to consider a tree removal in Westchester NY from LG Tree Service Corp because:

  • A dead tree in your property will begin to attract pests to your landscape.
  • A dead tree poses as a liability as it can collapse over your roof, or the neighbor’s at any given moment.
  • A dead tree possesses dead branches hence those can fall over parked vehicles, or worse, pedestrians.
  • A dead tree can take a tool on the vigor of surrounding trees and your entire landscape
  • A dead tree damaged by a tree disease is contagious and can harm surrounding flowers, plants, and etc.

The professionals at LG Tree Services can assist you with every tree service in Westchester NY not just a tree removal Contact our specialists today so we can get started on your tree needs. A free estimate on a tree removal in Westchester NY is available upon your request.

Tree Removal in Westchester NY

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