Tree Removal Services in Greenburgh NY

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Tree Removal Services in Greenburgh NY

Cutting a tree can be dangerous if you are not experienced in the field. Let our team be the company to perform a cost-effective and safe tree removal services in Greenburgh NY!

We’ve been delivering superior finishes that have saved our customers time and money for over 17 years now in New York. Determining when you are in need of tree removal services is crucial to keep your property safe from any falling branch. As a team we have the latest equipment, training, experience and skillful techniques to take care of your tree necessities.

Our team is ready to come on site and take a list of the following tasks to perform:

  • Measure and estimate how tall the tree is
  • Determine which way is the tree leaning (if its leaning towards an edifice we take the necessary safety measures to remove it for it to land safely)
  • We clear all site and area from debris, vehicles and other elements
  • We tie all necessary rope around or above the tree to pull any loosen branch

These are only a few of the first steps we take on site when we perform your tree removal services in Greenburgh NY. In general our team is ready to perform all the necessary steps to remove and care for your lawn. Here is a list of activities we can perform:

  • tree stump removal
  • tree services
  • tree trimming
  • tree cutting service
  • stump removal
  • tree trimming service

Our professional stump remover contractors are here to listen and list your priorities to care and maintain a beautiful outdoor living!

No matter the size or volume of your tree we are the ideal team around your local area to take care of your requests and demands. Contact us today and ask for your FREE estimate available in any of our services. Call right now and prepare for premium results in your tree and landscape when LG Tree Services Corp is in charge of your project.

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