Tree Planters in Putnam County NY

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Tree Planters in Putnam County NY

Planting trees isn’t only about digging up a hole; there are plenty of factors you should take into account prior to inserting a tree. LG Tree Services Corp is a company that has professional tree planters in Putnam County NY.

For 17 years our team has been delivering outstanding finishes and results that bring much appeal to the value of a property. We have worked with different tree planting necessities and we can guarantee you a healthy handling of the trees you purchase. You should know that there are three types of root planting:

  • Bare root
  • Container grown
  • Balled and bur lapped

We make sure to understand and take the necessary measures so your trees are planted the best way possible. As tree planters in Putnam County NY we have the equipment, certifications and training to watch after your tree planting. We are capable of delivering as:

  • patio planters
  • garden planters
  • large tree planters
  • stump grinding
  • stone work and more!

LG Tree Services Corp is one of the top tree planting companies in the nearby area, and we make sure to take into account the different factors that might damage your tree project. We have to make sure that there are no barriers, and that the hole is big, deep or narrow enough. Here is a couple of things to take into mind before planting a tree:

  • Proximity of buildings and structures
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Utility lines
  • Septic systems
  • And other barriers

From soil inspection and control to providing the right nutrients to your trees we are the ideal team to look after your project. They call us the best tree planters in Putnam County NY, and we carry a lot of great reviews due to our exceptional work ethic and efficient handling of resources.

Get in touch with our team right away and let us provide you with care tips to have your trees looking stunning. LG Tree Service Corp is the team to call!

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