Stump Grinding Services in New Rochelle NY

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Stump Grinding Services in New Rochelle NY

After a tree removal, sometimes a stump is left behind. When it comes to removing the stump from your residential or commercial property, you can attempt to perform the task yourself, or you can hire a professional like LG Tree Services Corp. For many years we have delivered the best stump grinding services in New Rochelle NY.

Stumps can be a great eye sore in a landscape which is why you should rely on our stump remover experts from LG Tree Service Corp. to handle the task. A tree stump removal is done best when handled by the professionals at LG Tree Services Corp. The reasons to go forth with a stump removal include:

  • Tree stumps are a real eye sore- if you want a well landscaped yard, a tree stump will surely get in the way of the vigor and design. A tree stump can make a big difference in the appearance of your yard.
  • Tree stumps take up space- Believe it or not, stumps can take up precious space in your landscape, especially when the space is small as is. Free up the space of your garden by removing the stump.
  • Tree stumps are hazardous- Tree stumps can cause injury. Many people have tripped over barely seen stumps whenever the grass has grown as not a lot of people look at the floor when walking. A stump removal will create safety for everyone.
  • It can cause new tree growth- Did you know that leaving the stump behind can mean new tree growth? What happens in this case is that sprouts spring up around it then grow into tiny trees.

Our stump grinder equipment is top of the line; the job gets done efficiently and in no time.  For all stump grinding services, work with the best team for the job.

Rely on our tree removal servicetree trimming servicestump grinding service and more. Get in touch with the experts at LG Tree Service Corp. today to save money on professional stump grinding services in New Rochelle NY.

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