Top Secret: Why you need masonry contractors in Putnam County NY

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Top Secret: Why you need masonry contractors in Putnam County NY

Masonry is an art!

Sure it is. Therefore, all your projects need to seek to encounter that magic coming from masonry jobs. Only the best masonry contractors in Putnam County NY will ensure you most magnificent results.

Masonry is commonly used in walls and buildings. Also, you can find a long list of materials used on this type of project.

The types of finishes also vary. Moreover, it’s nice to take a look at all the alternatives that you have.

Masonry is a tradition that lasts since the ancient Egyptian civilizations. Therefore, its durability has been proven over the last thousand years.

Materials used for masonry contractors in Putnam County NY.


Masonry BrickBricks are the most common materials used on masonry projects.

This material is also fire resistance and offers a high durability feature. In other words, your investment will last for a very long period of time.

This material also offers wind resistance characteristics as well as a moisture control. Many people love to integrate this material into patio designs because of those features.

It’s important that you check the downside of utilizing this material.

The first important thing to observe is that brick can stress the structure because of the weight applied.

The repair is also difficult and it tends to be more expensive sometimes. Moreover, once you have applied bricks to your house is kind of difficult to change the appearance of this one. The person in charge of remodeling your house needs to be very skilled and with a huge experience.


Masonry StuccoAnother popular material used by masonry contractors in Putnam County NY is stucco. This one offers high resistance to damage. For example, weather conditions will not damage so easily your structures.

As a negative feature, stucco tends to suffer from moisture accumulation. This is not the ideal material for outdoor installations unless it has an extra protection.

Your masonry contractors in Putnam County NY need to keep an order of the construction since this material may represent a challenge to keep a clean environment.


Masonry StoneThe stone installations offer similar characteristics as brick does. For example, they are high resistance to damage and have a great durability.

You can have one of these installations for years. Moreover, moisture is not a problem, and they look terrific when installing correctly.

For some people, using stone results in the most affordable option since they just have to gather the amount of stone. Well, this will depend on a lot of the area that you live.

However, if you can’t gather the stones to construct, the most probable is that this material result to cost less than the other masonry materials.

One of the downsides of this material is that the results depend in a huge manner to the imagination of your masonry contractors in Putnam County NY. In this sense, if you are working with a highly creative person, your installation will look thousand times better.

Contrary to see a normal installation without an extra effort.


masonry concreteAs we have mentioned, masonry is an ancient art. However, concrete is the newest member of the masonry repertory.

The use of concrete offers faster installations than any other masonry job. Then, if you really need to finish this type of project, concrete may be a fast solution for you.

Concrete also helps to reduce cost. How so?

Well, this material possesses some insulation properties that allow the users to reduce AC costs.

Part of the negative characteristic of this material is that concrete installations are not as durable as the others. Moreover, you can have a concrete job for many years, but it will eventually present some cracks and will get damaged by the outdoor conditions.

Knowing all this

Now that you have discovered the different types of masonry materials, you may realize the importance of hiring great masonry contractors in Putnam County NY.

Masonry is an art that mixes skills and a good use of your imagination. Moreover, finding those qualities in a person can be hard sometimes.

There is not an easy alternative for each downside feature that each material presents. Nonetheless. The best contractors will do anything to reduce the impact of these negative characteristics.

You will need masonry contractors in Putnam County NY to guide you and propose solutions to your problems. Moreover, there is always a chance for improvement.

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